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Welcome to the universal tool for converting DjVu to PDF. Since it is an online conversion service you do not have to download and install software. Some features are:
  • Searchable PDF files: At the moment the only place in the web to produce searchable PDF files from DjVus
  • Small PDFs: There is a option for slim PDF files
  • DjVu to plain text: Extract plain text from your DjVu files for your ebook reader
  • Real time conversion: You can watch the progress of the job in realtime
To get started just select a file and press "Convert!". You can watch the conversion in real time then and download the result afterwards. This free online converter for DjVu and PDF files works in both directions:
  • Uploading a PDF file it will converted into a DjVu document
  • If you upload a DjVu file it will convert the DjVu to PDF online
If you want to support this free conversion service you can also donate some Dogecoins:

New conversion server: Enjoy the benefits of our latest server upgrade which almost doubled the conversion and upload and download speed. We continuously invest in new infrastructure in order to provide a smooth operation of our service and remain the first address for file conversions between DjVu and PDF. We are sure you will be satisfied...

What our clients think: "VERY GOOD PROGRAM, WORKS GREAT, THANK YOU.", "Thx 4 all!!, u´ve just saved my life. THX!", "The conversion speeds are great! Looking forward for searchable PDFs :D Keep it real! ;)", "I'm quite impressed with this converter. I've used it a few times and always works well and in good time. As a student, I'm always happy to see such good applications that don't cost a penny. Thank you very much.","It solves a big problem for me, thank you very much!"...

We are sure you will enjoy the experience using our converter. Our feedback is very important for us to improve our service. Let us know what you think!

PDF to DjVu conversion
Why might it pay off to convert PDF documents to DjVu? Well, due to advanced compression technology the DjVu format achieves incredibly handsome and small files. Converting large PDF files to DjVu documents might help you to compactify your digital library. There are plenty of free viewers and readers available.

DjVu to PDF conversion
If you have some DjVu documents or e-books which you want to convert into PDF files you can simply submit them here. There is a feature for e-book readers which produces small PDF files that load fast on your device.

DjVu to plain text conversion
Some DjVu documents provide an additional hidden layer with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) information. In case your document is equipped with such an OCR layer you will be able to extract the plain text from it here. However, the quality of the output will strongly depend on the condition of the OCR data provided by your document since this service does not run an OCR engine itself for the moment.

Searchable PDF files
In case your original document is searchable you have the possibility to create a searchable PDF out of it here just by activating a check-box after uploading your file. For the Moment it is the only place in the web to do so...

Use of renewable energy
The internet grew to a considerable worldwide energy consumer during the last years. According to recent estimations it is responsible for annual emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 which are already comparable to those of the worldwide air traffic. Running web servers by renewable energy helps to reduce the CO2 emissions of the internet. The energy for this server comes from renewable energy sources, mainly hydro-electric power, which neither produce any CO2 emissions nor nuclear waste. Therefore you can use our DjVu to PDF online file conversion service without any worries.

Everything happens online so you do not have to download and install any conversion software. You can watch your files being converted in realtime. Give it a try!

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