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Using our DjVu PDF converter:

1. Just drag a DjVu or PDF file on the upload box or click on it to browse your local disk
2. Select the output format (black and white or colored)
3. Watch the conversion process and download the result


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How to open a DjVu file?

Can’t open that eBook in the DjVu Fromat? Our smart online eBook converter will convert it to Adobe PDF within a few seconds. Enjoy your eBook on your favorite reading device. It’s as easy as that! Does your eBook have a different format? We offer you the chance to convert other ebook formats Check out our links page to convert other eBook formats.

Benefits of this DjVu converter

This converter enables you to convert documents in the DjVu file format to the PDF format. Adobe PDF files load fast on a huge range of devices are are convenient due to their portability. Here you can easily choose the best conversion option for your DjVu document or eBook by using the preview feature of this converter. After you choose the desired option for your DjVu, you can start the conversion process, which usually takes less than one minute to complete. Depending on the file’s size, conversion time of the PDF conversion may vary.

Why Should I Use This DjVu Converter?

Our converter is fast and very easy to use: Just upload any DjVu file in order to convert it to Adobe PDF with one click. You can watch the conversion in realtime then and download the PDF file when finished. Therefore you do not have to download and install any conversion software at your system. Converting your DjVu documents to PDF helps you to read them with a wide range of applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons:
 Online Conversion:You don’t have to install anything, simply click, upload your file and download your converted PDF format eBook.
 Simple: It’s user-friendly and powerful. Conversion usually takes less than a minute
 No registration required: We do not ask you for your email address
You can convert any DjVu file to a Adobe PDF file with one thing in mind – it’s going to be stress-free and swift. Check also out our new series of Smart PDF Online Converters which solves many common problems when dealing with PDF files in just one click:

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All these tools work completely online without any additional software being required.

What our Clients think:

Over more than one million persons have already used our DjVu PDF conversion tool. Here is what they think:

  The conversion speeds are great! Looking forward for searchable PDFs :D Keep it real! ;)
 I'm quite impressed with this converter. I've used it a few times and always works well and in good time. As a student, I'm always happy to see such good applications that don't cost a penny. Thank you very much.
 It solves a big problem for me, thank you very much!
 "Thank you, A brilliant conversion, and excellent rendering"

PDF to DjVu Conversion

Our online converter also supports PDF to DjVu conversions. One of the reasons why it is worth it converting your file to DjVu format is that this format offers small and good-looking files. When you convert PDF files to DjVu files, your eBook becomes compact, offering you more space on your digital library. Converting files to DjVu format also enables you to share large documents.

DjVu to Plain Text

There are DjVu documents that provide hidden layer with OCR – Optical Character Recognition – information. If you have such a this type of document, you can easily extract plain text from it, using this online converter.