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About DjVu

The DjVu format was developed as an alternative to the PDF format. It is optimized for scanned documents which contain both pictures and text and in many cases performs better than PDF for this kind of documents considering the file size. Therefore it is frequently used for the distribution of scanned documents on the web. In contrast to PDF it is an open file format which means that it can be used by both open source software and proprietary software without any charge.

The DjVu format uses advanced compression technologies which are about 5 to 10 times better then those of JPEG and Tiff. A scanned page in color (resolution 300 DPI) with a file size of lets say about 25 MB can be easily compressed to only 100 kB (!) using DjVu. All DjVu documents can be equipped with a text-layer to make them searchable. These searchable DjVu documents behave very similar to PDF documents.

The main difference between DjVu and PDF is that DjVu is a pure raster file format while a PDF file can contain both vector and raster graphics.

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