This service provides an easy way to convert DjVu documents into PDF files and also works the other way round converting PDFs to DjVu. Furthermore it is also possible to obtain plain text from DjVu files. The key features:

 Converts PDF to DjVu
 Converts DjVu to PDF
 Converts DjVu to plain text
 Converts searchable DjVu files to searchable PDFs
 Additional Online OCR Service


  This tool allows you to convert complex PDF documents to DjVu. Both, black and white and color documents are supported.
  The DjVu documents which are produced by this converter will be searchable if the original PDF document is searchable too
  If you have large PDF documents converting them to DjVu is an easy way of compressing them. The result will behave very much like the original document


For the DjVu to PDF conversion there are several options to optimize your output. In general it is intended to achieve a good compromise between PDF Quality and file size:
  If you want to use your PDF files for e-book readers you can choose a very slim black-and-white format which loads fast at e-book readers and saves storage capacity
  There is also an option to obtain a result that will look very similar to your original DjVu document.
 Different levels of compression can be applied

Furthermore, there is a preview available, simulating the result in order to help you to choose the right option and save your time.

Searchable PDF files:

If your original DjVu document contains a hidden text layer and is searchable you can produce searchable PDFs out of it here (For the moment it is the only service in the web to do so):

  To do so upload your document and activate the related check-box

  The quality of your result will depend on the information provided by your document and may vary

To create a searchable DjVu document and use it as input for this converter then you can use our OCR service.

DjVu to Plain Text

If your DjVu document is searchable you can extract the plain text here. If it does not contain a lot of important graphics this is the best way to read it with any e-book reader. However, this converter is only using the OCR information which is provided by the initial document and does not run an OCR engine itself. To extract plain text from any DjVu document use an OCR service like OcrGeek.

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