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With ebooks becoming more and more popular these day the number of pages which are offering free ebook resources is increasing. In general the copyrights for books in most contries only lasts 70 years and therefore most classics of literature like Shakespear, Dante or Goethe are public domain nowadays, as it should be. Like that you can start to discover the highlights of world literature with your Ebook-Reader just without spending a single cent. Here a list of useful links:

Free Ebooks and Scientific Documents

 Scribd (A free publishing platform for documents similar to Youtube)

 Project Gutenberg - free ebooks (Over 38,000 free ebooks where the copyright has already expired - good quality)

 Ebook and Texts Archiv (Another page offering a lot of ebooks and texts) (A free ebook search engine) (Collection of free ebooks) (Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books and more) (Offers free preprints of scientific journals in mathematics and physics) Technological Resources and Services)

 Epub PDF Converter(Another advance Epub PDF conversion platform)

 Public Library of Science (Non-profit open-access project for scientific publications)

Ebook Software & Converters

 Calibre Ebook Management Tool (Free tool to manage your digital library offering also various offline conversion options)

 Mobi To PDF converter (Online Conversion Service for eBooks) - A free ePub converter (A very useful tool to deal with ebooks in the ePub format. Offers ePub conversion to PDF and may other formats.) - Free OCR (Our popular OCR Service now reachable under its own domain)

 Plot Graphs (Free service to plot mathematical functions online)

 PNG to JPG converter (A nice image converter in the same style as the this one)

 IT and Conding Tips A blog with usefull information for coders and web programmers.

 HTTP2 All you need to know about the HTTP2 protocol Epub to PDF online converter A new ebook converter similar to this one

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