About us - All about our DjVu to PDF Converter

The file conversion portal DjVu-PDF.com was started in 2010 in order to provide an easy solution to deal with DjVu files in the emerging age of eBook readers. It was the first place in the web offering online file conversion between the DjVu and PDF format. During the last years we gained a lot of experience in increasing the conversion speed and also dealing with the hidden OCR layers of the DjVu format which allows us to provide PDF documents which closely behave like the initial DjVu files with only a minimal increase in file size. Up to now our file converter converted was used to successfully convert more than 1 million DjVu files to PDF and has a growing community of returning users. Next to our DjVu conversion services we also try to present a number of useful resources for the DjVu format like DjVu readers in order to promote the handy file format to a larger audience. Since we believe in open source file formats we are of the opinion that the DjVu file format should gain some terrain with respect to Adobe PDF which is a propietary file format. Informing our clients also about the advantages of the DjVu file format next to offering hassle free conversion to PDF is a good hybrid approach to contribute to this goal. We hope also to convice you of the advantages of our service and would be happy to receive some feedback about your experience with our DjVu to PDF online converter. To do so you can either contact us directly using the address info@djvupdf.com or just use our feedback form. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible and hope to see ya soon as a returning client. Happy converting and reading!